Our Mission
We are for the people.
We envision a world where we can believe in the American Dream again. That hard work can lead to success — for anyone, not just the privileged few. We exist to give back hard-working, everyday Americans the power to transform their lives for the better.

That starts with helping people find a better job — and not just any job. Jobs that pay more than the minimum. Jobs closer to home. Jobs that provide healthcare. Jobs that have full-time potential.
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Our mission is to bring transparency and trust back to the job search. But we hope that's just the beginning of our journey together — we want to build the right modern-day tools and resources to help you take back control of all parts of your life.
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About Us
Bandana [NOUN]:
a large kerchief, worn for both function and fashion.
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The bandana has represented many things throughout history—everything from American independence to workers' rights, pop culture to a rebellious spirit.

Bandanas were also used as a way for some soldiers to carry their possessions into war, they brought their life with them in these cotton squares as they marched off to fight for a better future. As time went by, the bandana transformed into a symbol of individualism, self-determination, hard work, and adventure.
Bandana is more than our name. It's a symbol of who we are.
We're here to help improve the livelihoods of everyday Americans through trust and transparency, starting with finding a better job. Beyond jobs, we dream of reshaping how people work and live life. We believe in our vision of the world as it could be, rather than accept the world as it exists today.
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